Lietuviskos knygos metai. Year of the Lithuanian Book. Jahr des Litauischen Buches (in Lithuanian, English and German) devoted to the 450th anniversary (1547-1997) of the first Lithuanian book to be published - the CATECHISM of Martynas Mazvydas, Königsberg, 1547 - is interactive multimedia CD issued in 1998, ISBN 9986-680-09-3

The issue was supported by the Lithuanian Republic Seimas (Parliament) and developed under supervision of the State Committee for the Commemoration of the 450th Anniversary of the First Lithuanian Book.

The 450th Jubilee of the First Lithuanian Book by Martynas Mazvydas was included in the 1997 UNESCO Calendar of Jubilee Dates.

The multimedia CD contains pictures of pages from the first Lithuanian book to be published and presents its historical background and cultural context. It provides you with the opportunity to listen to Martynas Mazvydas hymns and get acquainted with old and modern maps as well as the place names of East Prussia, or Lithuania Minor. The unique facts how books were smuggled into Lithuania during the years when they were prohibited there are described.

The issue contains items devoted to this 450th jubilee - pictures and descriptions of a logo, a medal, a coin, and a stamp as well as information about theatrical productions. You can listen to poetry and music, see exhibitions of photographs, books, graphics, bookplates, and drawings by schoolchildren, and get acquainted with the authors of the works exhibited, Martynas Mazvydas grant-holders, and prize winners. You will be given the chance to admire Martynas Mazvydas Peak in Tien Shan and see monuments erected to commemorate him.

The CD presents information from all over the world about jubilee events and their coverage in the mass media. You will get acquainted with a bibliography, documents, and a chronicle of events.

The material of the first Lithuanian book is also presented besides Lithuanian in English and German on the web site .

The issue was accepted for participating in the EuroPrix MultiMediaArt’98, Austria, 1998 and presented in the Catalogue of the 50th Frankfurt Book Fair, 7-12 October, 1998.


Key Benefits

Electronic presentation of a book rarity which has only 2 copies remained in the world
Wide outlook of early printing, historical background, cultural context
Full coverage of events celebrating the 450th Anniversary of the first Lithuanian book
Bibliography (1324 entries), Documents, and Chronicle of the Anniversary
Pictures, audio recordings of speeches, hymns, music.

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