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It is the only public organisation in Lithuania whose members are scholars and cultural workers engaged in studying the history, culture and contemporary life of Samogitia.

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Rector of the Samogitian Academy dr. Adomas Butrimas

 Žemaičių akademijos narys dr. Vacys Vaivada

A member of the Samogitian Academy dr. Vacys Vaivada


The main forms of the academy’s activities:

1. Expeditions
2. Conferences
3. Publication of books

The academy is represented by the series Zemaiciu praeitis (Samogitian History) of which seven books have been published.

The books can be bought at:

1. Bookshops
2. The publishers of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts (Maironio Str. 6, Vilnius)
3. The Zemaiciu Alka Museum in Telsiai

The academy’s latest publication is Reminiscences about Marija-Peckauskaite-Satrijos Ragana (the seventh book in the series Zemaiciu praeitis). The book was published by the publishers of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in February 1998.

The address of the Samogitian Academy:

Maironio Str. 6, LT-2600, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: (8-22) 620025, 424444. Fax: (8-22)619966
Dr. Adomas Butrimas is the academy’s rector

The Samogitian Academy

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