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1. Newspaper A mon sakaa? (What? ) A monthly published from May 1991 until July 1993.
2. Magazine Zemaiciu Zeme (Samogitian Land), a quarterly published between October 1993 and 1995 in Klaipeda, since 1995 in Vilnius.)
1. Zemaitija. Ivykiai. Zmones. Likimai (Samogitia. Events, People, Lives). Klaipeda, 1992.
2. M. Dauksos Katekizmui – 400 (M. Dauksa’a Catechism is 400 yers Old.) Klaipeda, 1995.
3. Edvardas Rudys. Kuotre (Edvardas Rudys. Katre. Samogitian prose). Vilnius, 1996.
4. Ir as esu… (I exist) – about Stasys Anglickas, pioneer of Samogitian poetry. Vilnius, 1996.
5. Kazimieras Olsauskas. Profesorius, kunigas, Sibiro kankinys (Kazimieras Olsauskas: A Priest, Professor, an Exile to Siberia). Vilnius, 1997.
6. Elena Simulyte. Nebaigtas rozinis ( Elena Simulyte. An Unfinished Rosary. Memoirs). Vilnius, 1997.
7. Vacys Milius. Zemaiciu etnologijos bibliografija (Vacys Milius. A Bibliography of Samogitian Ethnology). Vilnius, 1997.
8. Palanga. Tiltas į jūrą (Palanga. A Bridge to the Sea). Vilnius, 1997.
9. Zemaiciu dailes muziejus. (The Samogitian Art Museum. Compiled by Danute Mukiene, Vida Turskyte, Stase Berzonskaite. Vilnius, 1997.
10. Zemaitijos azuolas (A Samogitian Oak. About ethnographer Ignas Koncius). Vilnius, 1996.
11. Zemaiciu rasytoju sambūris (The Samogitian Writers Union). Vilnius, 1996.
12. Booklets about the Samogitian Cultural Association, Samogitian Academy, Samogitia Corporation of Academic Youth. Vilnius, 1997.
13. Savo motinu kalbo… (The Mother Tongue. A collection of Samogitian poetry). Vilnius, 1998.

14. Neringa (Neringa). Vilnius-Neringa, 1998.


All post offices accept subscription to the magazine Samogitian Land as well as to the publications of the Samogitian Cultural Association (at A. Jaksto g. 5 LT– Vilnius, LITHUANIA. Tel./fax: 370-2- 614809) where you can also receive more information.

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HistoryCultureLiteratureLanguageFolkloreGuest book
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