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Martynas Mažvydas (c.1520-63), author of the first Lithuanian book (1547), pioneer of the Lithuanian written language, and educator. An authentic   portrait of Martynas Mažvydas is unknown, this is  created by artist Eva Erika Labutytė


Martynas Mažvydas was born in Southern Žemaitija circa 1520. From the time of his youth he supported the Reformation. In 1539-42 Mažvydas taught at a school in Vilnius established by Abraomas Kulvietis.  After this school was closed, Mažvydas was persecuted by the authorities of the Catholic Church and, most probably, was sent to prison. Invited by Duke Albrecht von Brandenburg on June 8, 1546, Mažvydas moved to Königsberg and entered the university there on August 1. Financially supported by the Duke, he studied theology. During his first year of study, in early 1547, the manuscript of Catechismus was sent to the printer's. Two years later he finished his studies and got a bachelor's degree. From 1549 until his death on May 21, 1563, Mažvydas was a pastor in Ragainė.<...>


Translated from  the article "Mažvydas". In: KNYGOTYRA.Enciklopedinis žodynas. (Encyklopedic Dictionary of Book Science) - Vilnius: Alma Littera, 1997, p. 252.

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